Public Participation

Participatory Budgeting Simulation Voting Results!

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The final winner was Studying Studio Apartments. But it was really close!

A graphic showing the top 3 project winners based on first choice votes. Studying Studio Apartments won with 31 votes. Out and About Town had 28 votes. Patio, Parks and Play had 25 votes.

Thank you for voting! The voting has concluded for this simulation with 132 people voting in total. Results will be communicated in recommendations to the Town of Orange in the final report. If you are excited about a particular project or running a binding participatory budgeting process in town, we hope you will advocate for it!

The people of Orange voted on the ideas collected from the previous event. People could vote without having been to the first event. In-person voting was available on Saturday, October 31st, 2020 from 9am to 2:30pm at the parking lot of 2 South Main Street, Orange, MA 01364 (Across Trail Head Outfitter). Refreshments and a gift card raffle were available at the in-person location. People could also vote remotely via a link on this website.

Amenities Survey

Our amenities survey closed on Oct. 31. We will post results of the survey along with results of our entire public engagement process soon. Stay tuned!

Participatory Budgeting Voting Assembly (Online & In-Person, Completed on 10/31/2020)

On 10/31, we have successfully run a hybrid (online and in-person) voting assembly where you get to vote on the ideas. Thank you to everyone who voted!

How would you spend $60,000 of the Town of Orange’s money to improve the quality of life and support economic development for residents? In this simulation, the community members learned what participatory budgeting is and generated ideas and priorities for how they would spend part of Orange’s budget! The event on 10/31 concluded the series of events pertaining to participatory budgeting simulation in Orange.

What is Participatory Budgeting?

Participatory Budgeting is a democratic process where community members decide how to spend a portion of the public budget. Your participation and input in these events will hep us understand residents of Orange’s spending priorities in relation to economic development. We also hope it will allow you and the town to decide whether you would like to create a binding participatory budgeting process in the future. Find out more from the Participatory Budgeting Project here: