The Energize Orange’s Economy Team is composed of ten master of regional planning (MRP) students from UMass-Amherst under professor Camille Barchers. The MRP program typically runs for two years or four semesters, and during their third semester, most students take the required course RP 675: Regional Planning Studio where they get to work on a real-life planning project with a municipality. The Energize Orange’s Economy project is this year’s RP 675 project.

To contact us‬
Email: info@energizeorangema.com
Website (This one): www.energizeorangema.com

The Greenfield Recorder’s articles on our team.
-First article: https://www.recorder.com/UMass-students-developing-study-of-Orange-s-economic-development-efforts-36754431 (Note: The Gmail address in the article works, but we prefer this email address, info@energizeorangema.com.)
-Second article: https://www.recorder.com/Orange-residents-invited-to-select-economic-development-project-36979012